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Choosing a Real Estate Lawyer Making the Right Choice Up Front by Ron Thibeault

One of the questions that people have asked over and over again is how to select a real estate lawyer. The answer is pretty complex because there is no easy, fits everyone answer. Of course, ... Read more

Sellers Going Across Borders They’re Moving….You’re Shaking!

What do you do where you are the listing realtor in a transaction where the sellers are leaving Canada or have already left before the transaction closes? Section 116 of the Income Tax Act requires ... Read more

When Deals Don’t Happen! The Ins & Outs Of Releases

Unfortunately, we are in the type of market where transactions sometimes fall apart. There are various reasons for this but in most cases it is where 1 party or the other is at fault. That ... Read more

Not All New Home Warranty Programs are Created Equal

I have recently been involved in 2 different transactions where a smaller builder provided their own “warranty” for defects and then offered a new home warranty from Progressive New Home Warranty. Where you are acting ... Read more

The Dangers of Clause 6.1(g) Standard Forms Gone Amuck

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges to face Realtors in the last several years is starting to have serious and negative impacts on our industry. The change in question is the amendment to the Real ... Read more

Understanding Collateral Mortgages When Mortgages Don’t Add Up

I would hazard to guess that every Realtor in Calgary (and the rest of Canada) has been mystified when they see a mortgage registered on a title that is for the same amount as when ... Read more


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