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Founded by a pair of top lawyers in 2001, LeClair Thibeault provides tailored legal solutions to demanding clients for both residential and commercial matters.

Quick Tips From Real Estate Lawyers

Providing our viewers with Quick Tips from Real Estate Lawyers here in Calgary. We never want you to be left confused so follow these insider suggestions to help you get by with less stress. QUICKTIP ... Read more

Why You Need an Enduring Power of Attorney?

Things To Consider While Estate Planning What Is An Enduring Power Of Attorney (EPA) One of the documents we include as part of our Estate Planning package is an Enduring Power of Attorney. The EPA ... Read more

Avoiding Mortgage Payout Penalties

How Mortgage Payment Penalties Work What we find most surprising when dealing with Sellers is that they rarely know how a mortgage prepayment penalty works. Either it was never explained to them. By either the ... Read more

The Risk & Rewards Of Buying A Foreclosure

Understanding The Ins & Outs Of Foreclosure/Judicial Sales Often when we get calls from clients wanting information on buying a foreclosure, the background information they have is out of the US. In Canada, each province ... Read more

Structuring Holdbacks During Negotiations

Handling Closing Day Issues In Your Offer Buyers are often surprised during our meetings to learn that a pre-possession walk-through is not a right. In fact, technically Buyers don’t have access to the property until ... Read more

Purchasing The Property You Expected

The proverbial “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” is what we all want to avoid. We all make assumptions based on what we see or what we think we see. Buying a property is no different. We ... Read more

Buying Foreclosed Properties Comes With Risks

So, you want to get a deal? Looking at a foreclosed home? Well, the risks in doing that might be more than you expected. Often what looks to be a fantastic deal really might not ... Read more

Completing A Will

An Estate Plan is vital for each person to complete. Recent surveys show that 63% of people don’t have a valid Will and another 15% have Wills that are out of date! That is 78% ... Read more

New Contract Changes – Tenants’ Rights

We have heard a lot of bluster about the new contract – most of it negative – some of it deserved and some of it not – some of it from lawyers – some of ... Read more

Becoming a High Impact Realtor Protecting Yourself and Your Client

One of the occasional and more serious complaints from clients that we hear as real estate lawyers is that the house buying process passed them by. Usually, this was followed by a complaint that the ... Read more


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