Corporate Relocation

At LeClair Thibeault, we have substantial experience relocating thousands of employees from many of Canada’s top employers. Major corporate relocations are complicated. Mission-critical staff must be moved into new homes with minimal added costs.

Additionally, executives need to be taken care of to prevent them from being poached by competitors during relocations. That’s why discretion and expertise are needed. We can work out the details so that you can focus on the success of your enterprise.

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Caring For Your Team

Our corporate relocation service provides personalized support by understanding your company’s specific requirements and creating a customized plan to ensure a smooth transition. We handle logistics, compliance, and timelines with meticulous attention to detail and expertise.

Home Sale Legal Services

You need affordable packages for legal services to help your employees sell their houses. Our dedicated corporate relocation staff make that both easy and affordable.

Home Purchase Services

Your critical employees will need to all buy homes at once. You can make their transition easier with our expertise in making mortgages and home sale arrangments go smoothly.

Individual Relocation

When your company asks you to move, you have enough things to worry about. Let LeClair Thibeault, Calgary’s top real estate law office, handle the transactions from home to home.

Dedicated Staff

We have full-time staff members dedicated to facilitating a corporate relocation. Our service is more affordable, responsive, and effective than alternative law firms that don’t have our experience and focus. You can feel confident moving your business with us.


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