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Whether you need annual filing assistance, tax solutions, or other expert corporate law help, we’ll give you uncommonly responsive service. Managing a corporation comes with enough of its own challenges.

The last thing you should stress about is compliance issues and complex tax problems. Lean on our expertise for corporate law solutions.

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Shareholder agreements should leave nothing open to question.

Ironing out all the details in a shareholder agreement the first time prevents major ownership disputes in the future once an enterprise succeeds and reaches scale. Rather than relying on cut-rate legal advice for incorporation and shareholder agreements, consider seeking a customized solution that matches the unique needs of your business and its shareholders. Our Calgary corporate lawyers will work with you every step of the way to ensure the process is Done Now. Done Right®.

Build Up Your Annual Filings

Prevention is better than cure. You want to ensure that your yearly regulatory filings and disclosure letters say everything they need to in order to reduce your legal liabilities. Our corporate law team will keep your paperwork in order to help your business avoid costly commercial litigation in the future. LeClair Thibeault will help you reduce your risk, reduce fines you might need to pay, and more. Get it done right every time with our corporate law services.

Reduce Unnecessary Tax Burden

Many corporations pay more in tax than is necessary. When it comes to taxes, you need it Done Now. Done Right®. LeClair Thibeault’s business lawyers will help you structure your corporation for tax efficiency and handle international tax matters so that you reduce your foreign tax burden. Additionally, our lawyers will ensure that you qualify for deductions, subsidies, and more.

Resolve Back Taxes & Tax Litigation

If your corporation owes back taxes or has encountered a problem with Canadian tax authorities, there is a path for you back into compliance. We’ll secure the best terms that are legally feasible to get your company back on track. Our tax lawyers can explain complex issues to you in a way you can understand while helping you navigate through the tax law. You don’t need to be a tax expert yourself to benefit from our advice. Our tax solutions pay for themselves quickly.

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Tax Solutions

It’s said that there are two certain things in this world: death and taxes. As of yet, there is no cure for death. Fortunately for Canadian corporations, there are effective solutions for many corporate tax problems. Not only do we provide many solutions, we help prevent tax problems before they happen.

Annual Return Filing

All Canadian corporations must file annual returns under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). Make sure yours goes smoothly this year. In order for your Canadian corporation to remain in good standing, you need to file your annual return properly each year.

Failing to keep your corporation in good standing can give the CBCA the authority to dissolve your corporation. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen with clients who work with our corporate lawyers.


Handling Complex Solutions With Integrity

The more complex your corporation is, the more complicated the annual filing form is going to be. Because this is such a critical document to get right each year, it’s beneficial to hand the work over to corporate law professionals. We will take on the stress for you, and ensure regular annual filing compliance.

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Stay In Compliance

All Canadian corporations need to file the annual return accurately and pay the relevant fees to avoid serious issues with the government.

Handle Standing Disputes

If your corporation has fallen out of good standing, we can assist you in getting back into the good graces of the CBCA quickly and effectively. End the headache.

Certification Compliance

Keep your documents accurate to verify that your corporation exists and is owned by the people who are supposed to own it. Staying on top of certification compliance will help you avoid future costly problems.

Make It Official

Many startups and small businesses have less than perfect compliance. By having status in good standing, it’s easier to get contracts with larger Canadian enterprises.

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Keeping You Compliant

Whether your tax issue is common or exotic and confusing, we’ll make sense of it and get you to an effective and affordable resolution. LeClair Thibeault’s corporate law services include providing tax structuring advice, tax litigation defense, tax settlement help, and more.

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Reduce Your Exposure

Many Canadian corporations don’t take advantage of all the tax deductions and other programs that they can use to reduce their exposure to the tax authorities.

Avoid Tax Disputes

Corporate tax law is more complicated than personal tax law. Our experts customize tax solution packages for sophisticated corporate clients and remove some of those complications for you.

Corporate Tax Settlement

We’ll help to reduce the amount owing for your tax settlements paid if you are in breach of compliance. In many cases, we have substantially reduced taxes owed.

Halt Asset Seizures

Canadian tax authorities can seize assets, freeze corporate accounts, and even shut down your business. We can stop that process before it starts.

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