Title Transfers

The question of who owns a particular property can be complicated. We’re experts at resolving title issues for our clients.

Builders’ liens, title fraud, failure to transfer on death – these are all title issues that can be resolved with the right level of legal expertise.

Additionally, executives need to be taken care of to prevent them from being poached by competitors during relocations. That’s why discretion and expertise are needed. We can work out the details so that you can focus on the success of your enterprise.

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The Right Expertise

At LeClair Thibeault, we have extensive experience in resolving any number of title issues and protecting our clients’ assets. We aim to help you restore title and ensure that the title you purchased is the property you own.

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Establish Title

We can help you to establish that you are the true owners of your property. In the case of a dispute, we will strengthen your defense and fend off challengers.

Title Investigations

If a given title is in question, we can investigate the matter and provide you with our professional findings. We dig deep to establish title claims and uncover issues.

Title Insurance

We can guide you through the title insurance process if you would like to protect yourself from adverse claims against your property titles.

Find Property Defects

As a home buyer or seller, the real estate transaction will close smoothly if title defects and title transfers issues are identified well before closing.


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